About Us


Bluberry Denim is a coterie of styles that keeps something in mind for everyone, and wants its tribe to be as far- reaching and inclusive as possible.

 We use our own stretch technology to create a unique pull- on waistband that doesn’t compromise on style with a size range of 6 to 22. We have a loyal following that appreciates our departure from the traditional buttoned up way of doing things.

 We aim to be on trend with the latest washes, embellishments and details, for those wanting to inject their wardrobe with the latest looks. However, we will never forget our stable of go to classics, and know those are the pillars of every wardrobe.


Bluberry Denim is an accessible price point allowing you to follow the trends, try something new, or simply load up on your favorites.


 Bluberry denim puts the comfort into your jeans so you can concentrate on being you.


Stylish - Inclusive - Relaxed - Fun - Accessible - Confident

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